Monday, June 1, 2009

NOELLE DUBOIS - Model/Actress

Although born in Toronto, Noelle spent most of her childhood living on farms in rural Ontario. At the age of 16, Ms. Dubois longed for a more urban lifestyle, prompting her to move out on her own and obtain work in various fields. After working as a bartender and mixologist for a few years, Noelle received the opportunity and inspiration to begin a modeling career. Having finally found her proper niche in the entertainment industry, Noelle quickly burst onto the Toronto modeling scene. After a few years of full time work as a model, having many great opportunities and experiences along the way, she sought more challenging ventures in her life. In 2008, Noelle had the opportunity to work behind a different lens as an on-camera personality and immediately recognized acting as her next great challenge. Beginning with a few independent films, acting quickly became not only her passion, but a means to continue challenging herself and a catalyst in her growth as a person. When she's away from set Noelle's hobbies include reading, horseback riding, cooking, jewelry making and psychological evaluation. Noelle played the lead role of “Talanis” in the film “Strafe”.