Monday, June 15, 2009


Kirk Wood is an actor, writer, singer and stuntman. He has been working in theatre and as an entertainer since the tender age of 6. Growing up in a creatively thriving community north of Toronto, Canada, he was exposed to various art forms early on in life but ultimately fell in love with the silver screen. At the age of twenty-two; after a two year hiatus of traveling across Australia and New Zealand, he quickly returned to study classical theatre at the esteemed Humber College. In his second year he transferred into a new program strictly focused on acting for film. He spent two more years learning the craft and graduated in the top of his class. Whilst in school Kirk also began to train at a dinner theatre company called Medieval Times. He spent almost five years there and is now skilled in the very technically challenging art of choreographed combat with a wide array of medieval weaponry. In addition, Kirk is a very gifted and accomplished horse rider, mainly trained in the traditional English riding style. Kirk’s execution of stunt falls off of horseback and prowess in the art of the joust secured his status as teacher and trainer until he left the Toronto castle early in 2007. Since moving to Vancouver almost two years ago he has experienced an unprecedented amount of success working in independent film and is very excited about the unveiling of V.I.P.’s first webcast in 2010. He is focused on writing screenplays, developing a number of web series and continuing to build his career as an actor. Kirk played the principal role of “Leander Gurden” in the film “Strafe”.