Monday, June 8, 2009


Bruno Talotta’s desire to be a performer developed at a very young age when he was encouraged by the faculty at school to perform in several productions. However, it was not until Bruno’s third year of college when he decided to follow his heart, and begin his journey to becoming a professional entertainer. Bruno began to enroll in acting classes where he quickly began networking and attaining information about the entertainment industry. After graduating from college, Bruno enrolled in University where he studied both business and Theatre. His television and film credits are of a wide variety in all genres. His recent credits include the role of Luca Squicciarini in the television series "Mayday" otherwise known as "Air Crash Investigation", which will be airing on Discovery Channel and on the National Geographic Channel in 2009. Other recent credits include actor roles on several episodes of the Comedy Networks "Keys to the VIP", the role of Napolatano in the television series "Masterminds", the lead role of Professor George Kubbard in the short film "Consumption", and the principal role of Matthew Dublin in the feature film "Fallen Before Falling". Bruno played the role of “Dorian, an ancient god” in the film “Strafe”.