Monday, June 29, 2009


The Dragon Ritual Drummers are a Canadian pagan drum troupe with a Global following, their music is inspired from around the world and through the ages. They are currently the highest ranking unsigned Afro beat and Tropical band on the Canadian myspace music charts, and are the number one pagan drum troupe on the planet. They have been featured in numerous mainstream and pagan media world wide, and headline top pagan and musical festivals across North America. Their shows are uplifting and interactive, filled with dancing, invocations, stories and rhythms of creole history and voodoo gods. Their main totem and namesake is the historic dragon spirit that resides at the brink of their home in Niagara Falls, and have released the worlds first "Drum Opera" telling the story and history of the Niagara dragon and its surrounding region. They have produced four CDs independently, available at their web site, itunes or a fine occult shop near you. Dragon Ritual Drummers’ music is featured in the film “Strafe”.