Monday, July 6, 2009


Robert Nolan is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honors Degree in English and Drama. He is one of the busiest independent actors in Toronto. Under the tutelage of comic maestro feature director John Durno ('This Movie Sucks', 'David Suzuki?', 'Gladiator!') and Steve Markle ('Inside Steve's MInd' ), Robert is mastering the persuasive nuances of comedy while being equally at home in the powerful passions of drama. He has been cast in many dark roles ('Scent of Rosemary', 'Blind Spot', 'Hyde' ) and has appeared on stage ('Rebel Without a Cause', 'Bethune''), on TV ('Zero Hour', 'Brain Attack', 'Cold Blood') and on radio. 2009 has been a busy year so far with the completion of challenging roles in the feature crime-drama 'Lucky 7' (Brian, principal), the 35-mm feature psycho thriller 'A Date With Fear' (Rick, principal) and the disturbing psychological portrait of a teacher in 'Worm' (lead). He participated in the recent charity dance competition 'Dancing With The Local Stars' at the Windsor Casino and has discovered a new passion for waltz, salsa and more (thanks to teacher Jennifer Lee of Viva Studios). Robert has just wrapped on an episode of 'Cold Blood 2' ("Sarah Whitehead") and is currently shooting a Much Music anti-bullying PSA music video - 'Bully' by hip-hop star D.O. (Duane Gibson). Upcoming projects include principal roles in several feature films - the sci-fi suspense-thriller feature 'Minus 8' , the action-packed 'Simon's Reach' and the mysterious 'UFO Charlie'. Robert would love to return to the stage and has plans of jumping out of an airplane (with a chute) this summer with a couple of cute girls (they talked him into it) - but first he plans on learning to play the piano - at least as well as that languid cat in the youtube video. Life is just too short isn't it? Robert played the principal role of "Kralin Whitewood" in the film "Strafe".